Yalla Cash

a rapidly growing re-commerce business in Dubai.

Founder | Abhishek Kejriwal

Target Group: Anyone who wants a new phone and could use the extra cash

Sales Channel: Website

Big Idea: A web-based application that offers instant services in less than 60 seconds

Bonus: An eco-friendly solution, contributing towards a sustainable tomorrow.

What do they do?
Buy your old phones and offer instant cash at your doorstep. Tremendous potential for the business model since no one else was offering the service in Dubai.
What’s Ringing?
Connect with customers and communicate that Yalla Cash will buy all your old phones at the best price. Get instant cash at your doorstep. Increase the customer base and build assurance that Yalla Cash indeed offers the best value for smartphones.
Goals Not Reachable?
One major roadblock was that customers who sell old phones to a person or company want to know what’s happening with the product. Conscious customers want to reduce their carbon footprint. Looking forward to making a difference by responsibly disposing e-waste.
Dialling the Right Number
At Big Mouth Social, our first order of business is always to position your brand in the market. For Yalla Cash, too, we defined a specific positioning since it was a new service. We educated the audience about re-commerce and showcased the refurbishing aspect to adhere to the sentiments of our customers. Advised the client to offer repair services for old phones.

As a result, customers knew their phones were in the best hands. Communicated the message that Yalla Cash sells the working phones and sustainably disposes non-working phones

Key Insights
Increase leads from digital marketing and social media. Reduce the bounce rate and increase conversion.
Charging Towards Success

When you work with Big Mouth Social, you must be prepared to embrace both, change and success! We offer revolutionary ideas that demand radical changes, but also bring about rewarding results. For Yalla Cash, we created a strategy and positioning – Let’s go from old to gold to simply convey the message.

Designed a clean and minimalist website along with many educational videos. By starting the Yalla Repair services, we received a 30% growth in sales per month for the brand. Today, customers are looking forward to selling their old handsets on Yalla Cash because they are assured that they’ll get the best value and their phones will be used and disposed of responsibly.