A direct-selling company, launched with the objective to sell healthy and nutritious products while also empowering the sales team and giving people an opportunity to earn additional income. Based in Indore, the company gained both sales representatives and customers from many Tier I, II and III cities within a year of its operations.

To showcase the benefits of the products sold by the company to customers as well as promote the benefits of direct selling to their team. SkyNova wanted to capture the market of healthy chemical-free products that can solve lifestyle-related issues and common health ailments.
Initially, the company was working with another successful venture in the field and gaining a monetary profit was difficult in the beginning. The company was also struggling to build its customer base and get more people on board to promote the products in their respective regions.
At Big Mouth Social, our first step was to define the key areas that needed our attention as a brand and marketing consultant. Since the products sold by SkyNova had a mass appeal and reach, we decided to use many different mediums to reach out to our prospective customers and sales representatives. We started conducting seminars across various cities during which many life coaches and mentors spoke about the importance of entrepreneurship, direct selling, and more. It motivated our audiences to take up the direct selling approach and spread the benefits of these products to their neighbourhoods and community.
During the very first seminar, 10 people from a crowd of 100 signed up with SkyNova immediately to become our sales representatives. During the course of the business, more than 500 representatives have successfully sold 100,00 products all over India. The brand SkyNova became synonymous with trust, credibility, and reliability and many people joined the company as a secondary career but excelled so well that it led the way to prosperity and success.