QBIX Academia

Overseas education consultant company headquartered in Pune.

CEO Balukeshwar – Extremely passionate about education

History: Started in 2007 with 1 student and wanted to send at least 900 by 2021.

Target Group:
Graduate Students looking for higher education in Germany, along with some top UK and US Universities.

Sales Channel:

Big Idea:
To create a global change by empowering students to achieve their dreams.

Educating the Customers

As their marketing consultant, it was important to find the right positioning for QBIX. At Big Mouth Social, we don’t just think about the design or the idea. We think about its impact and relevance, too. After a lot of discussions, we defined the objective to position the consultancy as one of the most trusted services for abroad education with a strong focus on students. We wanted to create a community of students who can share ideas, thoughts, and experiences, led by QBIX Academia.

Admitting the Challenges
A highly individual-driven business that was known for Germany education but not as much for other countries. Noticed that students are leaking their knowledge outside, reducing the number of students for QBIX. No specific lead generation activity was being conducted by the client. Wanted to start a franchise model but lacking strategic guidance
The Rigorous Exam Prep
To clear any examination with flying colours requires a little knowledge, a little creativity, and a little imagination. This was no different.

We applied a unique marketing approach that wasn’t limited to digital media. It was all about customer engagement at various touch points – events, activities, fun and adventure where students could bond and connect as QBIXians. The result was an everlasting bond with the students, who then became the best brand advocates and exceptional referral partners.

Celebrating A Phenomenal Mark sheet

At Big Mouth Social, we define our success by yours. So when our clients reach new heights of success, we set new benchmarks for ourselves, too! From 120 Students in 2016, we have been doubling the number every year for the past 4 years. Conducted a river rafting adventure with 32 students as a unique idea and all of them got placed in the best universities. Today, students come to QBIX as an expert in engineering admissions in Germany as well as other countries.

The company has a turnover of 4 times and there’s no looking back.
Getting a franchise model ready by the end of 2021.

QBIX has built a niche in the market and developed credibility in the minds of students and their parents.