Our Team

As Big Mouth Aditi, I love an interactive and creative team! Over the years, I’ve established excellent connections with all my team members and today; they are all highly experienced to handle their own teams under their verticals. It gives me immense pleasure to introduce the team to you!


“No one can whistle a symphony, it takes a whole orchestra to play it.”

In the digital space where clutter is common, she can give you powerful ideas to stand out and make your brand noticeable. She’s an excellent leader and focuses on enhancing the team’s productivity and creativity every day. Her ability to churn out impactful and powerful ideas from the team and convert them into result-driven designs makes her an asset and an inspiring leader at Big Mouth Social. She’s my better half at work and at home!

Aditi Kulkarni Agarwal
Partner / Co-Founder

She’s got her way with words and often converts them into stories that engage and inspire. Her ability to translate ideas into content that drive action makes her a unique writer in the digital landscape. She works with a team of writers at Big Mouth Social and helps elevate communication to the next level with crisp, concise and creative writing. But you can’t communicate with her over WhatsApp – she’s an old-school writer that prefers pen and paper the most and email, too!

Swati Nahar
Content Writer

She’s the circuit to Munna Bhai, the Robin to Batman, often called the Miniature Mouth at Big Mouth Social. A permanent student of my Marketing Gyaan and an exceptional communicator, she brings her ideas, knowledge and wisdom to help clients ensure smooth operations on a day-to-day basis. She expertly runs the floor at work with designers, writers, and developers.

Get in touch with her for anything you need – (can’t break bones like Circuit but can surely break records on your social media pages!)

Swapnali Panchakshari
Head of Team Performance

The coding guru and web development expert at Big Mouth Social, Vaishnavi has an
exceptional way with websites. She has the ability to understand brand personalities and
convert them into aesthetically appealing web designs. She runs the entire web department
at Big Mouth Social and interacts with designers and developers to achieve the best possible
output. Connect with her to discuss your website dreams and she’ll make them a beautiful
She won’t just build websites, she will build websites that help you sell!

Vaishnavi Dhande
Web Development Head