Our Plans

Scope of Work & Our Commitment

As a Virtual Media Manager

Enjoy higher engagement, share creative posts, and build a strong
digital brand with Big Mouth!

What to Expect?
  • Set Short-term Brand Objectives on Social Media
  • Plan, Manage & Develop relevant Content with Client Support
    (14 Collaterals a Month)
  • Creative Posts for Festivals and Topical Days every month
    Implement techniques for enhance organic reach
  • Provide effective Reports to measure results on activities
  • Help analyse the report and use data to optimize future goals
  • Manage your Facebook Promotion
  • Build a strong Social Media presence and outdo your competition
What Not to Expect?
  • Any leads from the above activities. These are purely brand building activities and require additional advertising efforts to generate leads.
  • Offline sales and marketing collaterals – that’s a feature available in our premium plan.
Why Hire Us?
  • We have an experience of over 11 years with social media marketing
  • We have helped some top brands globally connect with their customers through multiple social media channels
  • Our creative combination of design and content stand out in the cluttered online space
  • Check out our portfolio and witness the magic

As a Virtual Brand Manager

Get access to our decades of expertise and experience in being marketing
partners to global brands and see your business grow by leaps and bounds.

What to Expect?
  • All the services listed above and also:
  • Understand the market and offer a detailed performance audit for your website, basic SEO performance and competitors
  • Build content strategies and develop marketing communications for digital and print media (2 to 3 Collaterals in a Month)
  • Assist in developing and in planning strategies for the Website, Video Marketing, Public Relationships and Google Ads
  • Create Related Marketing Collaterals with design and content development support (5 to 8 Collaterals a Month)
  • Manage your Facebook ads and help manage Google, LinkedIn and Twitter ads.
  • We also commit to assist on any other form of digital ads
What Not to Expect?
  • Websites are the most integral part of digital presence. We help you build a simple WordPress website or a Shopify ecommerce website. Any technical or dynamic functionalities shall be planned and need to be executed with some external help and at actual costing.
Why Hire Us?
  • A trusted marketing manager for over 45 national and international brands
  • Ability to take your brand to the next level by developing a marketing mindset
  • A thorough understanding of common sense marketing
  • Check out our marketing success stories here before you get onboard!

As a Virtual Marketing Manager

Avail all our premium services and take your brand to the next level – online and offline
with our long-term strategies and efficient executions.

What to Expect?
  • All the services listed above and also:
  • Help to identify the ideal long-term brand objectives
  • Develop marketing strategies and ideas to achieve those objectives with internal teams
  • Consult your ad agencies or internal team to implement these strategies
  • Should you need any specific agency like – Print, Animation, Video Production, or an Outdoor Media agency, we will help you with the best recommendations
  • Train, manage and support the internal marketing and sales team for the organization
  • Conduct interviews in the process to assist in hiring sales and marketing professionals for the business
  • Anticipate what your customers will want in the future and help you stay ahead of the competition
What Not to Expect?
  • Sole responsibility of implementation of any marketing ideas shared and discussed
  • Big Mouth with its network of clients across 5 continents will stretch to its maximum extent in assisting clients for the planned activities, but is nowhere held responsible for its complete implementation
Why Hire Us?
  • A deep understanding of consumer psychology and trends in marketing with over a decade of experience
  • Original ideas that make a lasting impact on your brand
  • Tools and techniques to make branding activities success

Your Responsibilities

What we Expect?
  • Provide details about the product with individual call to actions
  • Budget to promote social content for higher reach
  • A functional website to enhance your digital presence
  • Annual/Monthly Marketing Budget
  • Willingness to collaborate with third party vendors like PR agencies, Influencers and Content Creators for better brand reach.
  • Proper & prompt review of content created before posting
  • Clear & Complete instructions on the run time content requirement with at least 3 working days’ time to implement
  • Big Mouth helps in planning and executing the marketing strategies, but while saying so, as a consultant we are a facilitator and implementation is the responsibility of the client
Other Standard Terms of our Service
  • The terms of any retainership agreement can be altered without prior notice
  • There shall be a notice of 1 month before the closure of retainer agreement by either party
  • The payment of the contract value per month to be paid in advance before the 7th day of every month. Big Mouth Social will stop the service if payment is not made for subsequent months unless the payment is made.
  • Big Mouth Social can use the produced material for self-marketing with oral permission from the client
  • Exclusion – Anything that’s not mention in inclusions in individual plans
  • Any third-party overheads will be at-actual
  • 18% GST will be charged extra