Food Nostalgia

The brainchild of two foodies who love to travel around the world and try local delicacies, Food Nostalgia offers local and regional favourites with authenticity and high quality to customers in Pune.

Target Group: Consumers

Sales Channel: Website, WhatsApp, Corporate Orders

Big Idea: Built the entire brand from scratch in just 90 days and helped the business grow rapidly with individual and bulk orders

The Foodies’ Plan
During the lockdown, the owners who are part of a successful venture called Incredible Holidays were thinking about food – just like the rest of the world! They were remembering the delicacies cooked by their dadi and nani during summers and how it added a nostalgic memory to their childhood. Little did they know in a few months, they would be sharing this warm and happy feeling with the world!
Sharing The Nostalgic Aroma of Home
In the hectic and modern city lifestyles, rarely do people have the time to make delicacies like Papad or Achaar at home. But the store brought foods often come with a lot of chemicals and preservatives. When the owners of Food Nostalgia thought of sharing authentic Indian foods with the world, I helped them conceptualize the product range, decide the sales strategy and develop a marketing plan. They had the thought but needed guidance to transform it into a brand and business.
The Delicious Idea

Within a span of 90 days, we went from the idea to the first order. We developed the website to promote e-commerce and online sales, enabling customers to place orders easily. We also created a social media strategy and posted tempting images and ads to get more orders online. I was also responsible for the entire packaging of all the products and we did a phenomenal job with enticing photography, imagery and designs.

With a WhatsApp number, ordering was even more simple and secure. From the world-famous Panchhi Petha to North-Indian Wadiyan, Banarsi Papad to premium dry fruits, Food Nostalgia became a brand that brings authentic and high-quality products to your doorstep.

The Tempting Results
The brand also sent out gift hampers to their corporate clients and within a week, they received a bulk order of 100 hampers. My ability to strategize the brand idea and concept and turn it into a desirable brand has helped Food Nostalgia make a mark in the food business. Punekars can’t stop relishing the Pethas, Achaars, Papads and more.

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