How-To Series Videos

A start up by 2 industry stalwarts looking for a communication method to showcase their idea to potential clients and investors approached us. These were highly successful individuals from their previous jobs but were experiencing entrepreneurship for the first time. Our challenge was to first understand the highly technical product from these techies and make different marketing pitch decks one for the end users and another for the investors.
For the end user we created how it works animated videos and a simple static web page that helped us take feedback from the end users and validate the idea.

For the inverters deck we had a flow that elaborated the problem statement to the value proposition in a creative yet professional way.

In the initial years of EnKash, we helped them with all marketing collaterals from social media to print. Once the startup raised the funding and had its own team for marketing we helped them with proper knowledge transfer and all created assets. We still support the company with ideas, concepts and occasionally with our creative talent.

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