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Freequently Asked Questions

Do you really need marketing?

You may be doing really well without marketing because you have an exceptionally good product or service but without a proper marketing mindset you can never scale your business to new heights. You might be located in the most popular location and have good walkins or you might be enjoying a monopoly with your unique product or service but a real business can be called successful if it has a system that never stops to scale. An active marketing strategy is a core function of that system.

Am I a business coach?

No, we are functional experts. Every business has 7 basic functions if not more, including finance management, human resource management, sale management, operations, research and development. One of these core functions is marketing management and as you have financial assistance or in most cases you chartered accountant we are your marketing assistance or an agency that plans and gets marketing activities done on your behalf.

Are we experts in your industry?

No, we are not industry experts, for marketing a particular product or a service you need not have a in depth study of a product or a service. Like your production process or other nitigrities. That you should know as a brand owner. We are experts of one of the core business functions which is marketing. We use our experience and expertise in this core function & with proper tools help you get the most efficient results.

Isn’t this all common sense?

Yes, you are absolutely correct! All we do is implement common sense marketing techniques in an efficient and effective manner. The stuff that we help you with can be easily done by you yourself but the question is, ARE YOU? Or for that matter SHOULD YOU? Marketing though being a core function most business owners lack expertise in this function. The question is not about whether they can or the can not, but how well they can? By outsourcing this core function you not just have experts working for you but a surety that the marketing wheel is rolling and gradually building a brand out of your business.