Anil Engineering

Leading Manufacturers and Suppliers of LPG Vaporizer for Commercial, Industrial & Utility Gas Consumption Needs.

Target Group: Industries and Manufacturing Companies

Sales Channel: Direct Sales, B2B Sales, Industrial Sales

Big Idea: Training the sales team and offering new and improved sales collateral to help Anil Engineering transform their sales figures for the next financial year.

The Food you Love – Partnered with renowned brands like Yellow Chili by Sanjeev Kapoor, Maharaja Bhoj, 800 Thali, etc.

Current Customer Strength – 100,000 subscribers

The Pressure to Perform
Anil Engineering was highly dependent on its sales team to get more business for the company. Ever since the pandemic, their sales were badly hit and the team was hardly able to get orders in lakhs for an entire year.
The Vaporizing Sales Charm
Unfortunately, the sales team didn’t have the right training to sell the AEPL products to their clients. Also, the lack of proper sales collateral like brochures, presentations and flyers were making it difficult for the sales personnel to truly talk about the benefits of the company and its products and services. While the owners of the company were entirely dependent on the sales team for higher growth and business, the sales professionals were misguided and ended up in the wrong direction.
The Inspiring Idea
I decided to revamp the sales team and offer a one-to-one training session to help the sales personnel gain a better understanding of Anil Engineering and customer interactions. I conducted a 2-day session in Navi Mumbai at their head office and offered many invaluable inputs to the team. Along with the training, I also designed various collateral for the sales team to carry to their client meetings. We also hired a highly experienced sales manager who brought a wealth of experience to the company.
The Promising Results

Within 45 days, there was a drastic change in the number of orders received at Anil Engineering. They are now completing a target of crores in just a month from getting orders of only lakhs for an entire year. The team has also mutually decided to increase the targeted turnover for the next FY by 2.5 times as they are highly motivated to outperform.

Everyone is committed to achieving the new target for higher turnover and they are working dedicatedly with a new zeal and enthusiasm.

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